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Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide

Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide. Big Mozz Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide

It’s important in life to take a moment and reflect on the choices we have made. You may ask yourself: how did I get here? What is that large automobile?  Why do I only pair cheese with wine?

Realistically we’ll never say no to a glass of Pinot Grigio if it’s with fresh mozzarella. We want to take a minute to introduce you to a groundbreaking new concept – we might be the first to think of this: Cheese & Beer. Read on for a cheat sheet for pairing the right beer with the right cheese.

Beer and Cheese are better together (sorry, wine)

Wine + cheese may be the default, but what are some of the benefits of pairing with beer? Certain wines can be full of tannins, a chemical compound that dulls your taste buds and deadens the palate. Beer, on the other hand, with its bubbly, frothy effervescence, can actually help flavors pop in a way that wine might not. 

No Need to overthink it

It’s important not to over complicate this. Here is a useful framework for pairings that has never failed us at Big Mozz: if you think something is delicious, keep doing it; and if it isn’t, finish your beer and try something else. Have backups ready. As always, with these recommendations, the number one rule is to do you. [We have been known to take this too far… looking at you, Mozzarella Sushi.]  

We caught up with our friend Dan at The Bronx Brewery for some expert advice.  

The easiest rule to follow is that mild cheeses go best with light beers, and funky cheeses can be cut down to size by bigger, hoppier beers. Creamier cheese (brie, etc.) are great with high-IBU beers with a stronger hop profile, for the same reason that citrus or acid can cut through fatty, super unctuous foods.

Our Favorite: Mozz Sticks and Beer

We’re often asked what beer pairs best with Mozz Sticks. We have done quite a bit of research into this topic (always for science) and have discovered that you can’t go wrong with an ice-cold Pilsner + Mozz Sticks.  Light beer will always work with salty food. That being said, for a different experience, try a Witbier or Saison with a lemony, citrusy note, which will complement the garlic and herbaceous-ness of Mozz Sticks.  The moral here is that there is no wrong way to do this. Pick up a few different beers (from local brewers if you can) in a variety of brewing styles, IBU levels, and hop profiles, and see what works for you.  Let us know how it goes!  

Now grab a beer (or two) and join us for a Virtual Mozzarella Making Class.

Beer and cheese pairing guide. Pilsner and mozzarella sticks, Helles Lager and Mozzarella, Saison and Gruyere, IPA and Sharp Cheddar, DIPA and Camembert, Sour and Brie and, Blonde Ale and Feta.