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Bruschetta at Home with Big Mozz

Bruschetta at home with big mozz

Step it up when you make mozzarella at home with this delicious bruschetta recipe from Big Mozz at Home. Chef Jimmy walks you through this recipe step by step so that you have some delicious bruschetta to accompany your homemade mozzarella.

Welcome to the Big Mozz kitchen. Today, we have a really simple recipe for you, Bruschetta. Bruschetta. Bruschetta. Bruschetta. It’s just a great word. This dish is really easy, and it goes really well with your fresh mozzarella.

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This is a really simple dish. It requires no cooking. All you need is what I have right in front of me right here, and a sharp knife, some Roma tomatoes, red onion, garlic cloves, parsley, salt, pepper, balsamic, and olive oil. We’re gonna pair this up with some crostini. Enjoy it with your mozzarella. Enjoy it as an appetizer. Enjoy it as a party. What’s a party these days?

First thing you got to do is cut up your tomatoes. In order to dice tomatoes, you’re gonna take your tomato, you’re gonna cut it in half. Once it’s in half, you wanna cut it in half again to make quarters. After that, you’re going to wanna remove the meat and the seeds from the tomato petal. So how you do that is you take your knife, cut along the seeds of the tomato, and remove the meat, and then place the petal over here.

And you’re gonna wanna do that for all of your tomatoes. So, once you’ve cut out all the meat of your tomatoes and left with the petals, the next thing you’re gonna wanna do is dice them. Now, in order to dice them, you’re going to cut them longways. This is called julienne, so long slices of tomatoes. Then, rotate it 90 degrees, and then, cut again the exact same way to get your dice. Put that to one side and repeat until you’ve done that with all of your tomatoes.

Next dice the onion and add to the tomatoes.

Peel the garlic by putting it flat on the cutting board, use the side of your knife, lay it on top of the garlic, and with a firm hand smash the garlic just a little bit. Now you can easily remove the peel from the garlic. Once the garlic is peeled, slice it. Once it’s sliced, flatten it out, and slice it again. Once you have your garlic, you’re gonna throw that right into your Bruschetta.

Take your bouquet of parsley, and chop it until it is finely minced and throw it in with the tomato mixture.

Now that everything is cut up, add balsamic. So, you want about two tablespoons or so of that, about a tablespoon of olive oil, salt, about a teaspoon of cracked pepper. Mix it up. Perfect. It’s great. Fantastic. Excellent. Quarter up some boccacinis. That’s just a fancy word for little mozz balls. Slice and slice.

Toss those right into our Bruschetta. Bruschetta. Now, take a crostini, add a spoonful right on top. That’s the Big Mozz Bruschetta recipe, really easy to do. Just requires a little bit of chopping. The cheese makes it super, super good. So, definitely, sign up for any of the Big Mozz mozzarella stretching classes online.

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