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Make Homemade fresh MOZZARELLA

With a virtual class from big mozz


Learn a new skill! Make homemade mozzarella on your own time, in the comfort of your kitchen.

Public Live

Looking to meet some new friends? Join a virtual live mozzarella making party!

Private Group

Want to host a party with your friends, family or remote co-workers? Book a private group class live with Big Mozz!

So, what can I expect when I sign up for a class?





The best mozzarella you’ve ever tasted.


My husband and I did the virtual mozzarella making class, and it was so fun! It was surprisingly easy, and the cheese tasted delicious! Thanks to the staff for conducting a great class!” – Laura F.

Fun class! I had a question before the class and they returned my phone call and we’re very helpful. Great fun for a date night or a small group of friends at home. – Joy L.

Lots of fun! – Jeff H.

Enjoyed a virtual mozzarella-making class. Very good instruction, even if my results were more tasty than pretty. Hope to visit in person one day.” – George T.

Who doesn’t like cheese?? This mozzarella does not disappoint. Definitely recommend and also suggest taking the mozzarella-making class as a date, with friends or family night activity. – David R.

We participated in an on-line Mozz making event with a business group. It was well taught and the mozz was delicious.” – Barbara B.

I participated in the virtual cheesemaking class; it was not only fun and informative, but at the end you have delicious mozzarella to enjoy (if you don’t eat it all throughout the process!). Looking forward to making a stop at their store when it’s safe to making a stop at their store when it’s safe to travel again! – Melissa D.