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Friends and Family Live Events

Cooking Classes with Big Mozz are the perfect way to bring groups of 6 or more together, no matter how near or far. Best paired with good WiFi and a bottle of wine. All of our private classes are taught live by the Big Mozz Team.


At-Home Mozzarella Making Classes, where we ship all of the materials to your door. ($65 per person; option for Additional Cheesemakers at the same address an additional $30 per person.)

Corporate and Friends and Family Live PRIVATE Events

How it works:

  1. Select your class type below.
  2. Choose your date and time.
  3. We’ll send you a special link to share with your group. They can enter their own contact and shipping info, to save you from coordinating anything further.

Once they sign up, each participant will receive a confirmation email with a short prep list, Zoom links, and other necessary info.