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Mozzarella Cheese is Lactose Friendly

Mozzarella Lactose Friendly cheese - is very low in lactose. Try some Big Mozz cheese fresh from your own making in a mozzarella making class


Most dairy products contain lactose which is concentrated in whey. The longer mozzarella ferments, the less lactose it holds. The mozzarella making process removes most of the lactose and it’s so easy you can do it yourself at home with a Big Mozz Virtual Mozzarella Making Class.

Dig In

Once you’ve made your own Mozz, check out some of the recipes on our website. From pizza to pasta to caprese, there are so many lactose-free ways to enjoy America’s favorite cheese!

Made Mozzarella at Home

Take one of our mozzarella classes and make the freshest mozz you’ll ever eat.