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On-Demand Classes
Make mozzarella at home

Experience the culinary magic of making the tastiest mozzarella from the comfort of your kitchen. Sign up, we'll ship the ingredients, you'll be on your way to cheesy paradise.

How it works

Delicious mozzarella from start to finish

Let the chefs at Big Mozz virtually guide you in this fun, hands-on culinary experience – all online.
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Stretch, Eat, Enjoy
Book Online
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Learn from Mozz Masters
Stretch, Eat, Enjoy

Mastering Mozzarella with Big Mozz

We are 100% cheese nerds. Follow along online with us as we teach you the art of making the freshest, most delicious mozzarella your mouth has ever tasted.

"Love love love! Super fun and interactive event. Highly recommend this class to anyone that loves cheese and cooking."
Sabrina K.
"Had an amazingly fun (and delicious) mozzarella making class by Big Mozz! I now have bragging rights. You've gotta do this!"
Janet L.
"We did the virtual Mozzarella making class on line with several other couples - it was a lot of fun!"
Lori U.

Frequently asked questions

About the class

Your 45-minute class can be started on your own time. Just follow the instruction card to prep your mozzarella making kit, get your kitchen ready, and (optionally) pour a glass of wine.
Each Mozzarella Making Kit includes: One pound of mozzarella curd shipped from our dairy farm; Mediterranean Sea Salt; an illustrated card with instructions and your kitchen setup; access to our 45-minute On-Demand class video.
"On-Demand" means you can start your class any time. You can make revisit the course as many times as you would like until you're making mozzarella like a pro.
Big Mozz's original mission when we started in 2015 was all about sourcing the best fresh mozzarella we could find from local dairy farms, and making it live right in front of our customers at Smorgasburg. We started teaching our Mozzarella Making Class at our Chelsea Market restaurant, which quickly became a huge hit until we closed during the pandemic. We turned the class we had taught to thousands of people into our On-Demand program, and we think you'll love it too.

About Our Mozz

That's right. We source our mozzarella curd (that's the main ingredient you'll use to make fresh mozzarella) from local grass-fed dairies. It's made with a super unique culturing process that produces an amazing tangy flavor, and a final product that is bursting with umami goodness.
Because we use a unique cultured mozzarella curd in our class. Culturing is a fermentation process where lactose is converted into lactic acid, a key step in turning dairy milk into mozzarella curd (you'll learn more during the class.) As far as we know, there is no other dairy producer in the US doing it like our local partners are doing, and we love to support their mission through our Mozzarella Making Class.
We recommend 1 Mozzarella Making Kit per person. You'll have plenty to use all week, and we'll talk about some delicious recipes you can make after class (including Cultured Mozzarella Butter, which is as amazing as it sounds.) You can certainly share with friends and family, and we recommend at least 3 kits per 4 guests.
Head over to our Corporate Events page for info on our Live Mozzarella Making Class.