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The more, the cheesier

Join us virtually for live mozzarella-making class hosted by Big Mozz. Bring your teammates, your besties, or your mom. Classes are 60-minutes and include everything you'll need to make the best fresh mozzarella ever.

Making mozz with the best of ‘em

How it works

Delicious mozzarella from start to finish

Join the chefs at Big Mozz for a live hosted Mozzarella Making Class. It's the perfect way to bring your remote team together. We'll do all the heavy lifting to make this the easiest virtual event you've ever organized.
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Book online
We'll send your reservation link
Share it with your teammates
Join the 1-hour Zoom Class

Learn from the best

Your 60-minute class is hosted live, and each reservation includes a Mozzarella Making Kit shipped overnight from our dairy farm.  We’ll introduce everyone to Big Mozz’s way of making the best fresh mozzarella ever, and provide individualized instruction over the full hour.  Along the way, we’ll make use of screen shares with text overlays and multiple camera angles to make this your most successful and engaging Zoom event yet.  We’ll also play an *optional* drinking game during class, should some of your guests be more interested in the party than the food.  

"Hands down the most fun virtual event I've attended. The mozzarella was INCREDIBLE, our host was hysterical, and we laughed and cooked and had a great time.
Cristina L.
"Our prep materials arrived on time and in excellent condition. Class started right on time, and eating it was almost as fun as making it. Highly recommend!!"
Karie D.
"Our instructors were wonderful and really got the group to interact with each other. I would definitely do this event again!"
Cameron S.

Frequently asked questions

About your class

We'll ship everything needed to participate in the class. A very simple prep list (basically: mixing bowls, hot water, and a spatula) is emailed out when guests reserve their order, and again 1 hour before the start of class. We'll also send your Zoom link and password.
We'll welcome everyone into the class for the first five minutes (our #1 rule: no awkward Zoom silences!) and start promptly with an introduction to Big Mozz and mozzarella making. The class is taught asymmetrically, with the host managing the group from the Chat while a series of screenshares showing multiple camera angles and text overlays which guide your team through the eight steps of making mozzarella. Along the way we'll give live feedback and advice, and keep the group engaged and enjoying themselves. At the 55-minute mark, we'll encourage everyone to turn their microphones and cameras on to talk Mozz, and take a group photo (screenshot) which we'll share in the Chat. Then we'll make you the host, and the room will stay open for several hours for a team happy hour.
We built our booking system from the ground up to allow us to take care of the heavy lifting for you. No more collecting addresses: guests use your private Booking Link to place their own reservations. Just share it with your team via email or Slack. Check your live Guest List at any time to see who has signed up (and who hasn't.) Guests can contact us directly to help with questions about the class, or any product-related info. Last, we'll send order tracking, plus a reminder email 1 hour before the start of class to get everyone ready for the action.
There are plenty of reasons that teams find our class so engaging. First, everything needed is shipped from our dairy farm, so everyone will have a uniformly great experience. Because we don't need to cook over an open flame or manage a hot stove, your guests' attention will remain where it should be: with their teammates. We'll also talk at the start of class about all of the ways to engage with us during and after the event.

Placing a reservation

The "Book Now" button links to our signup form, which has an up-to-date calendar with available dates and times.
The base cost for our class is $975, which includes your team's first 15 reservations. Each reservation above 15 costs $65, which includes all shipping & taxes. We can host a class with any number of guests (our record is 375!) We ship only within the United States, but do not charge for international guests, who are welcome to purchase mozzarella curd locally or try our Cashew Mozzarella recipe.
Good news on both fronts: for our vegan friends, we've developed an amazing Cashew Mozzarella recipe which we will share before the class. We'll make sure folks making the Cashew Mozz recipe feel welcome and included. For our lactose-intolerant friends: don't fear! Our mozzarella is nearly lactose-free due to our unique culturing process, which is unlike any other fresh mozzarella made in the US.
We've hosted hundreds of classes, with teams all over the country. Send a quick note to asking about our Mozzarella Making Class (or use the contact form below) and our team will respond within 24 hours.