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How to Plan the Ultimate Graduation Party

two young women eating Mozz Sticks from the Mozz Truck to celebrate a graduation party.

Graduation is right around the corner, and with that comes excitement, pride in your success, and of course, a killer party to celebrate your achievements. Although planning for your epic celebration may seem like a stressful task, you deserve to be celebrated. Follow a few of these simple guidelines to plan the ultimate graduation party. 

Step 1: Picking a Date and Time

Whether you are graduating from college in May or still have a few months left before graduating high school in June, picking the perfect date for your graduation party isn’t as bad as you may think. Many people assume that you have to have your graduation party the same weekend as your commencement ceremony, which creates an extra layer of stress on your special day. However, picking a date that works best for you is the most important rule. You want to have enough time to plan for the graduation party of your dreams. With that in mind, it is totally okay to pick a date anytime in the summer. Many of your friends will begin leaving for school/college at the beginning of August, so we recommend having your ultimate graduation party anytime between May and July. 

Additionally, the chances are, if you’re graduating, your friends are too. So be sure to keep each other in the loop when deciding on a date and time so you and all your best buddies can celebrate together.

Choosing the right time:

After you’ve picked your date, consider what time of day you want to have your party. If you choose to have your party in the daytime, remember that because of the summer sun, it is going to be hot, and you’ll want to consider getting fans and tents for shade. However, if you’re more of a night owl and have dreamt about your graduation party turning into an all-night rager, there are also a few things you should consider.

For instance, as shiny as the stars are, you will still need some outdoor lighting to keep the party going all night. If your guests are dancing and partying hard, which they hopefully will be, you might also want to consider late-night party snacks to help fuel your guests. Our personal favorite midnight party snack is Mozz Sticks… not that comes as any surprise. So be sure to think about all the additional elements that come with picking a time!

Step 2: Party Activities  

Now that you’ve set aside the perfect day and time, we can think about all the fun stuff: The music, the games, and the memorable graduation party ideas that will make this day the ultimate celebration. 

Finding the right music:

When thinking about the music, think about the vibe you want for your party. Do you want to play your favorite playlist? Or hire a DJ or band? Depending on what you want, playing your own playlist or getting a DJ means having access to literally any song you want. In contrast, a band might be a bit more restricted as to what they can play. Although, hearing a live version of “Good Riddance” by Green Day would be pretty sick. Whichever option you choose, be sure you either have access to an excellent speaker and, most importantly, access to electrical outlets! 

Fun party game ideas:

In terms of games, the possibilities are endless. Outdoor games such as kan jam or cornhole are great ideas for outdoor parties. However, if you want to pull out all the stops, you might want to consider getting a bouncy house or water slide. Just be sure there is enough space in your backyard. 

Here are some other graduation party ideas that will make your celebration seriously memorable. We love insta-worthy pictures, and we’re sure you do too. We recommend having a space set outside where your friends and family can take epic pictures. You can have a prop bucket filled with silly things such as hats, boas, and glasses, and a backdrop that says congratulations. Even a ring light, where each party guest can put their phone in and have the perfectly lit photos, might be something you want to have. This is your special day, and you’ll definitely want to capture everyone cheesin and celebrating your accomplishments!

Step 3: The Food and Drinks

Choosing your food and drinks for your ultimate graduation party might arguably be the most essential part of your party planning. Ideally, you have three options: Cooking/Preparing everything at home, getting your event catered (a classic choice), or hop on the new trendy wave of having food trucks at your celebration. Each option has its pros and cons, so weigh each option before deciding. Cooking at home is cost-effective; however, it is very timely and may add unnecessary additional stress to your event.

Catering your Graduation Party:

  Getting your party catered is a pretty typical route many people take. Catering alleviates the pressure of cooking yourself, and you’ll have a variety of menu choices, but it does offer some challenges. Catered food might not be as fresh because it is not made on your party’s premises compared to cooking at home or a food truck. Additionally, getting your event catered also means you will need additional tables to put the food on and burners to keep the food fresh for the whole party.

Food Trucks (or kitchen on wheels):

 Our last option to consider is booking a food truck. A food truck is basically a kitchen on wheels, and each order is made fresh for each guest. Booking a food truck also means you don’t need to cook or clean. Once the party is over, the truck drives away, and you literally don’t have to do anything. However, if you decide to book a food truck, be sure you have the appropriate place for the food truck and your guests to park. 

If a food truck seems like the right route for you, consider booking the Mozz Truck for your graduation party! We’ve spent years mastering the Mozz Sticks game to ensure your party guests get the freshest, cheesiest, Instagram-worthy bites for your next event. From years of catering experience, we can confidently say that Mozz sticks are always the most popular dish served at any event. Click the link to learn more!!