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You’ve Registered for an Online Mozzarella Making Class…

You've registered for an online mozzarella making class with Big Mozz

…Now What?

It doesn’t matter how you got here, but that you’re here now. 

Welcome to Big Mozz and we hope you’re excited for your upcoming Mozzarella making class! 

Your Curd is Coming!

With each class purchase comes a Mozzarella making kit that will be shipped out via FedEx from Caputo Brothers Creamery in Pennsylvania– keep a close eye out for an email with tracking information.  Prepare with recipe ideas and have some fresh veggies and herbs on-hand to dress your homemade mozzarella

When Your Curd Arrives…

Your curd will arrive frozen. When you get it, immediately put that baby in the freezer. 

Get Ready…

Prior to starting your class, make sure to thaw your curd for 1 hour in cool tap water. Prepare your hot water up to 180º F. Check out our post, Everything You Need to Prepare for your Online Mozzarella Making Class for more information!

It’s Time. 

Follow these instructions for how to log into your class:

  1. Log into your account at for the on-demand class link, or check your ticket email for your live event link
  2. Try to login to your zoom event a few minutes before just to make sure your internet connection is working properly and if you are taking the on-demand class, you will be able to watch it directly from the Big Mozz website from within your account.
  3. Get ready to make Mozz!
Class is in Session.

If you are registered for a LIVE hosted class we will have a Q&A chat feature. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away! We may not be able to get to every question right away, but we will try our best to help guide you through making delicious Mozz.

If you are registered for an on-demand, self guided class – you can still ask questions – ask your question here and one of our Big Mozz party hosts will respond.

Share the wealth!

Show the world your #amozzing skills! Take plenty of photos and share on social with #homestretch and tag @bigmozz. We’ll be reposting our favorites!

Ready to Eat…

Once you’ve made your Mozz, further your education with Big Mozz At Home! We’ve created a YouTube playlist of recipe videos to pair with your fresh mozz. Like and subscribe! We’ll be adding more videos and content, so stay tuned and follow us on Instagram @bigmozz. 

Look Good Making Mozz

Visit our merch store and look great while making Mozz!

You've registered for a mozzarella making class now get your herbs on