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Let's talk about Mozz Sticks

We set out to make the anti-mozzarella stick.

Since we were kids, mozzarella sticks have been made the same way: part-skim mozzarella cut with tons of filler; equal parts breading and cheese; and marinara that not even a grandma could love. There is a reason every mozzarella stick is made that way: it's cheap, and easy to produce in a factory.

Big Mozz Sticks® are made with a short list of honest ingredients. Whole milk mozzarella without any fillers; fresh garlic; parsley; real Pecorino Romano; toasted golden breadcrumbs; salt & pepper. That's how we made them in our days of working in rented kitchens in Brooklyn back in 2015, and we have worked very hard to be able to produce them at the scale now where we can now serve millions of Mozz Sticks at Smorgasburg, Madison Square Garden, Citi Field, music festivals, and *finally* at home.

Yes! We now ship Big Mozz Sticks anywhere in the US using sustainable, styrofoam-free packaging.

The best way is in an air fryer (400°F for 5-7 minutes) or your oven (425°F for 10-12 minutes, rotating halfway through.) The key is to get the mozzarella nice and melty, while keeping the outside crispy. Make sure you give them enough space!

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