Big Mozz Sticks®

The world’s tastiest, cheesiest, and authentically crafted mozzarella sticks. Your tastebuds won’t know what hit ‘em. Freezer to oven (or air fryer) yummy goodness in minutes. 

Each pack contains approximately 7 Big Mozz Sticks.

All orders include the cost to ship using dry ice and GreenCell compostable coolers.  Place your order and we will ship the following Monday & Tuesday.

What's on the inside?

Simple ingredients, bursting with flavor

Whole milk mozzarella
Toasted golden breadcrumbs
Pecorino romano
Organic garlic
Oh so fresh

Three reasons to mozz

Laser-fast shipping
New York's favorite Mozz Sticks, now available everywhere in the US.
Super cold, super green
Shipped in a sustainable, biodegradable cooler - no styrofoam here.
100% happiness guarantee
Try not to smile while eating Big Mozz. Otherwise, we’ll refund you.
“I am beyond amazed with how Big Mozz was able to re-create something we all know and love and make it tastier”
Kirsten T.
Mom & Co-Founder of NYC Chic
"Will I go as far as saying that they're the best mozzarella sticks I've ever had? Yes. Yes I will."
Ashley M.
San Diego, CA
"Nothing less than 5 stars. First time I tried was at the ROW DTLA and literally died."
Karen S.
Los Angeles, CA