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Let the good times roll

We can say from a decade of catering experience that Mozz Sticks are always the most popular dish served at any event, from Music Festivals to Weddings.  We’ll make planning simple and work with you to get all the details just right.  

This is what we do best

Get ready to serve the world's best party food at your special event. We'll keep the quality high and the wait times low, and our professional Events Team will keep your guests happy and you (or your coordinator) celebrating with us by the end of the night.

“Big mozz catered our wedding with some late-night mozz sticks for our was the thing everyone was talking about."
Samantha M.
"These sticks are the highest form of the art."
Jessica D.
"The must try here is the mozz sticks. If you get one thing, please let it be that."
Mayuran S.
Mom & Co-Founder of NYC Chic

Frequently Asked Questions

Catering with the Big Mozz Truck

Service includes unlimited portions Mozz Sticks, served from the brand-new Big Mozz Truck. Mozz Sticks are served two per order, and we'll make sure your guests receive theirs with little to no wait. Be sure to send your photographer over to capture some epic cheese-pulls 🧀.
Food truck catering is one of the most cost-effective ways to feed a crowd. Our promise is to serve unlimited portions of Mozz Sticks for the duration you choose, with little to no wait time. The minimum charge for catering is $949. That includes: 2 hours of service for your first 40 guests; Unlimited Mozz Sticks; and 10 miles driving each way from our kitchen in Brooklyn. Guests above 40 cost $9.50 each. Extra time and further menu options can be found within the Booking Form.
Sure! Send a note about your event to, or use the contact form below.
We LOVE to help plan events. Send a quick email to let us know you would like to talk about booking our food truck, and our time will get back to you within 24 hours.